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This Week's Stress-Reducing Meditation

This is feng shui for mind and body.

Sitting comfortably, pay attention to your breath as it moves in and out your nose. Let the breath be rhythmic. For instance, you can mentally count your breath as it enters and exits. Whatever the count happens to be (whether it's 5, 6, 7 or 8 counts) keep it the same for both inhale and exhale.

As your breath moves in imagine you're drinking or eating the breath; pay attention to the depth, sound, sensation in the nose and lungs, smells if any, and the energizing quality the breath has. Continue to breathe rhythmically.

Now pay attention to the exhale. As it moves out relax your facial muscles, the tiny muscles around your eyes, jaw, forehead, ears, throat and whole cranial area. During each exhalation relax and release tension more and more.

Even five-minutes of rhythmic breathing energizes and calms, improving your inner energies for the rest of the day. And remember, you can do rhythmic breathing anytime and anywhere.