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About Chakras and Om Bowls


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Each Om bowl affects and brings to resonance the whole person, yet each, because of its unique note is said to correspond to an individual chakra center. For example, let's say you're working on staying grounded, being less spaced-out and more energetic and less lethargic. Your intuition might lead you to the color yellow; Each bowl corresponds to a specific chakra, by being the note that is said to activate the area, and the color of healthy energy that pertains to it.

Grounding colors are red, orange and yellow. The deeper the tone, the more the grounding effect. You'll gravitate to the note you need. I personally like the effect of my 18" D note Om Bowl. Its tone is very calming, deep and powerful for my energy. When I need to really chill, I reach for that bowl, sit down and le the vibes fill me up.

Explore the different Chakra colors by clicking on the colors in the image above or below.

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