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Feng Shui with Om Bowls


Placing Om Bowls in various sections of rooms and toning there with specific intent, activates energy or chi, empowering the area that you desire to strengthen.

For example, if I want to strengthen wealth and prosperity and also my consciousness of abundance, I would incorporate a positive affirmation such as, "I am rich in every way, monetarily, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually," while I intone the bowl of my choosing in the corresponding corner or sector of the property or of individual rooms.

This ritual activates and brings to life that quality you seek to strengthen by the power of the bowl's vibrations and the power of your intention which the sound carries out in every direction rippling through the Universal Spirit's Body where it takes root on its way to manifesting in reality.

Perhaps the bedroom is the best place to start this type of toning ritual since this is where we spend a great deal of time and it's probably the place where we are most comfortable and ourselves.

Let's say you wanted to empower the loving relationships/love aspect of your life and home. Begin by finding that sector in your bedroom and toning there with specific positive affirmation, intent or prayer. Then, if you like you may proceed through every room of the house intoning with intention in each room's loving relationship sector. The possibilities are endless and very exciting!