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Drawing Your Floor Plan


Have fun drawing your floor plan. Don't try for perfection. Just make sure you include major items like:

•     doors

•     windows

•     bedrooms with placement of bed, dresser, lamps

•     dining room with placement of the table and lighting

•     living room with placement of sofa, lamps, coffee table, fireplace

•     kitchen with placement of the stove and refrigerator

•     pets quarters

•     exterior: garden areas, trees, walkways, ponds or pools, architecture

Sending a video or photographs of your space is especially helpful and enlightening. Please do so if possible! Let me also see a view of each side of your home and property.

Please include the compass directions of your home, office or business. If you don't know them an inexpensive compass will help. Simply stand facing the interior of the four walls with the compass and record the direction indicated.   

Please also include the directions your bed faces, like: Headboard-Northeast, Footboard-Southwest. Personal offices or businesses, include the directions of your desk, like: Facing-South, Back-North. Finally indicate the direction your front door faces as you stand in the doorway facing outdoors