On-Site Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui Consultations for your home, office, or business are available nationally and internationally.

Here are some of the benefits in consulting with Stephen C. Benton:

•    Learn each family members strongest compass directions and how to best position your bed or desk to tap these beneficial energies.

Feng Shui Red Envelopes The traditional method of offering payment for a consultation.

•    Learn how to arrange your home or business office for greater prosperity.Learn which wall to situate your new business's door for optimal patronage.

•    Strengthen loving relationships with color, specific elements, art and beauty.

•    Understand how your home or office have been affecting your life and learn how to fine-tune your environment so that it works on your behalf.

•    You will learn basic and advanced feng shui principles to use the rest of your life.

•    Unblock energy flows that could be nourishing your life.

•    Stimulate greater wealth, health, loving relationships and inner peace.

•    Learn powerful, down-to-Earth suggestions to correct the challenges preventing your greater success in all areas of life!

This most in-depth consulting style allows for major life transformations by implementing ancient and modern feng shui principles.

You will receive powerful cure suggestions to remedy any architectural, placement, energetic or elemental imbalances your property has. You will understand the Ba-Gua and where the nine life qualities reside in your space and how to strengthen them.

Consultations stimulate greater wealth, health, loving relationships, peacefulness... All of your questions and concerns will be personally addressed, clarified and remedied. You will be given the most comprehensive understanding in transforming your environment to realize your goals and auspicious life improvement!

Consultations with Stephen Benton are 2+ Hours And Include:

•     A quick tour of the home, office or property.

•     Discussion of the history of the home and your life experience in living there. Clarifying your objectives.

•     Learning the Ba-Gua of your home to identify the key areas you would like to change or improve.

•     Specific cures that will best suit your needs.

•     Free follow-up after the consultation.

Pricing is based on the square footage of the home or office. 30 cents/square foot, $350. minimum.   Click here to order

For Information on a Consultation call: 231.439.5099