Right Thinking With Feng Shui

By Stephen Benton

Feng shui is a calling forth to the universe and Creator of what it is you want. Feng shui synchronizes your inner mind and outer world so the two work in harmony with your dreams and goals. The most powerful results in life and in feng shui come from this harmonious union of inner and outer worlds.

In terms of natural growth and evolution, events often develop gradually. The ancient text of the venerable I Ching (also known as The Book of Changes) speaks of such growth in a hexagram entitled Chien, which represents "The Creative or Heaven." This hexagram indicates development or gradual progress. It depicts the image of a tree growing upon a mountaintop. It illustrates the difference between the growth of a tree and a swamp plant. The swamp plant, we are told, shoots up quite rapidly, but not so with the tree on the mountain. It's growth proceeds gradually as it puts roots down deeper. The work of influencing others in a favorable way takes time. Building meaningful relationships, businesses, getting in shape... all proceed gradually.

The I Ching states, "No sudden influence or awakening is of lasting effect." With television and video games and advertising staking claims that faster and no waiting are the way, our muscles for patience have atrophied. This idea of instant gratification and the 'faster is better' mindset permeates deeply into our American culture.

Our obsession with instant gratification has also entered into the art and practice of feng shui, with statements such as: "Place a chime here and improve your love life. Buy a laughing Buddha and place him in your self-cultivation Gua and you'll experience more inner peace.

Add prosperity frogs to your wealth area and enhance the flow of money into your life." Statements such as these give feng shui a cheap snake oil feel. I believe that we as practitioners have a duty to help clients improve their lives as fully as possible but with honesty, an honesty that shows the whole picture. Our thinking is especially important to the whole picture.

This whole picture includes the fundamental application and deep consideration of the person's "inner world-inner mind," together with their outer world. A chime may indeed enhance your "earth luck," activating the possibility of a relationship but you must also hang a chime inside yourself for this experience. You must awaken relationship within, in terms of what you regard as fulfilling and meaningful to your soul. You must not believe that the chime is going to do your spiritual work. The chime is simply a helper to signal to the macrocosm (and to you) that "you're ready to receive" in this area of life now. With this mindset, feng shui can become a meaningful ritual to show your wishes and inner psychology upon your outer world. The spiritual work proceeds from you (not the chime) and any other spiritual helpers you may call for assistance. The chime becomes a physical "outer world" symbol (that you can relate to) that describes an inner attitude. And yes, the chime activates vibrations but its vibrations are born from and are linked to your inner thoughts and desires and intentions. Therefore the importance of defining what this object represents is important. The same applies for any other type of feng shui cures that are given out.

The focus must not remain solely on the physical cure but a balance must exist with the seeker's inner world. The physical cure can be seen as a cue to undertake the necessary spiritual, emotional, and physical growth. This I believe is incredibly important to convey in our consultations and writings on the topic of feng shui. Feng shui then retains dignity, poise and balance that cultivate harmonious relationships between outer and inner worlds.

The right inner attitude changes everything in the outer world. Feng shui is simply a means to bring us in line with our inborn ability to create the lives we value most, from the inside out. It provides physical modifications and cures to inspire, strengthen and seal our understandings, prompting our souls to dream along "these paths" and not along less desirable paths.

Certainly a Buddha statue may help improve inner peace but only if the seeker takes the cue to look within as the statue portrays. The prosperity frogs may help the flow of money but only if the seeker actively entertains constructive ideas related to enhancing prosperity that result in actions taken. Truly there is the element of setting the stage for the universe to respond and this is powerful, for the universe does respond to the messages we present in our environment by providing matching experiences. A fresh and sparkling environment will call for the same type of energy from the universe. An environment that feels prosperous and really pulled together and organized will call that experience from the universe as well. Undeniably there is a magic and mystery to feng shui but this needs to balance with improved thinking and imagination so we actively see better lives for ourselves. When the mystery and the intellect work together very powerful transformations occur.

Also, qualities such as prosperity come into the home or office when we are willing to allow it in. When we are willing to receive blessings or prosperity or anything good, then it comes. Matthew 6 has an excellent verse: The power that created us has put everything here for us but it's up to us to deserve and to accept. The frog has become "so allowing" of prosperity that coins are seen in its mouth and it rests atop a small mountain of coin. Like the frog, we too can become more allowing of prosperity, blessings and all good things.

Everything first happens inside the individual. The outer world then adjusts. And when we adjust our outer world we affect our inner world. Undertaking the growth that our outer environments quietly inspire in us is a purpose of feng shui. If this outer environment displeases us, our frustration will prompt us to make positive changes. If our outer environment pleases us and uplifts us then our energies will reflect this positive influence in all we think, speak or do and we will make good lives. Feng shui helps to polish and clarify the intersection and relationship of our inner minds and outer worlds. Working on our own inner and outer environments teaches us much about ourselves.

Patience that allows for gradual progress is called following The Way of Heaven.

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