Choosing Om Bowls

One may choose a complete seven bowl chakra set which has seven different notes, Chakras, and colors represented in seven variously sized bowls. There are no "repeats" in this set.This is the best way to cover all the Chakras.

Another way is to decide what areas you desire to empower, heal, and pinpoint, and order the corresponding bowls. Remember, these bowls work on and affect the whole body/person even though they may speak most understandably to one area. Look to the picture of the Chakras and note the areas and colors that you are immediately drawn to.

Bowls which correspond to these areas could then be ordered. If you have a keyboard or instrument capable of producing accurate tones, you might play the scale and write down your favorite notes. This is another way. If you recall dreams, you could ask for a guiding dream on what bowls to order. Those who meditate may ask for this guidance before starting meditation. The ways are infinite! Look at the repeating or dominant colors that you wear and decorate your home with. What about the color(s) you imagine your soul to be?