There were areas of weakness in my life that needed attention. After Stephen came to my home and finished the Feng Shui ritual including presenting cures that he felt would be most beneficial, I was pleasantly surprised at the improvements that took place. Just as with traditional medicine, by implementing the "prescribed medicine," healing began to take place. Stephen has a willingness to share his knowledge and true dedication to improving my whole being, which made the changes easy. I encourage anyone who wants to improve his or her life to seek his service.

Mary D.  Michigan

In January of 2001 after reading several books on Feng Shui I interviewed Stephen Benton and contracted him to conduct a home consultation on my house.

Despite what I had already determined to be some challenges in the house design and the added challenge of having my business and staff located on the street level, Stephen created some practical changes to layout and furniture placement for both my home and business.

The choice to have this done, especially in the Mid-West where newer ideas tend to come more slowly, was one of the best choices I could have made in home improvement. The solutions made sense, and caused my wife and I to become neater people as well. The financial results are evident too.

Our business has almost doubled in this same year. Much of that success comes from the improved communication between my staff, and other things in the business triggered by Stephen's consultation.

I would recommend Stephen's services to anyone who is challenged by a house that just doesn't "feel right" or changes in a relationship that started by moving into a new space. I am a very grounded person, and the solutions he provided are rooted in the fundamentals of architecture. The bottom line: expectations established and exceeded. I would recommend Stephen to anyone serious about changing their life through Feng Shui.

Peter and Lynda Starkel  Traverse City MI

After trying Stephen's suggestions just three months ago, I can see many improvements.

He gave me several recommendations regarding furniture placement in my home office. Since making the alterations, I feel more comfortable and empowered working in my office!

I am able to concentrate for longer periods of time and, yet, still have fun with my work. Interestingly, I was finally able to invest in a new computer and am much more productive in my office space.

C.B., University Professor   Warrensburg, Missouri

Hi Stephen, I received the Earthsong chime today, and I am so thrilled with it! I really loved being able to download the audio from your web site, and I really enjoyed the consultation with you.

The sounds are so beautiful, and they stay in the air for what seems to be a long time. It is definitely a much better chime than any of the ones I have on the patio. Thank you for recommending it.

There has been a definite improvement in the quality of the energy flow master bedroom; both Woody and I are sleeping better, and just generally enjoying the way the room looks and is now very lovely and nurturing.

And we love the idea that there is no clutter anymore! I am firmly committed to eliminating clutter in every room in the house, because of how peaceful I feel when I am in the master bedroom

Joan Spray

Stephen, I did a phone consultation with you in July 2002.

I can definitely say my life has been wonderful since then and hope it continues. I have been able to deal with all of the medical issues that were causing much stress and discomfort in my life.

In October Ron and I were engaged and started planning a wedding in July, in November we found out we were pregnant, in January we were married, and in February we went to Hawaii for our Honeymoon. Everything seems to be going well with the pregnancy and we are doing just fine.

Just thought I would give you an update on what has happened since our phone consult! Hope you're doing well. Thank you.

Hollie Coveyou, Creative Director