Purple Chakra

Sixth Chakra

Sanskrit name: Ajna chakra

Musical note: A

Element: The sound of OM corresponds and activates the third eye.

Color: Indigo/Purple

Endocrine: Pineal


Visualizing, insight, inner focus, all these terms have the sense of sight. "If thine eye be one, then thy body shall be full of light." --Jesus . This chakra balances the left and right hemispheres is a place for higher wisdom and experience for the mind. The third eye balances and integrates the thinking-left lobe with the feeling-right lobe into one unified, harmonious vision. Like two wings of a bird are the two hemispheres of the brain, when they work together the bird flies, and there is mental unity, mental health and unity of purpose.

When the chatter of the mind is calmed and inner quietude ensues, so does the third eye blossom. It is a beautiful feeling with actual physical sensations, almost as though something beautiful has flowered and magically opened in the forehead. This opening of the third eye takes one deeper into bliss. The yogis speak of amrita or divine nectar. This divine nectar of one's true, blissful, immortal soul is tasted and enjoyed fully here. For the sikhs, the third eye is their chosen focus for mediation. By focusing attention there, the flowering and balancing effects are fostered, as is higher consciousness and great trust.

Inner seeing and being receptive to inner images of guidance would be related to the third eye. Clarity of seeing and vision, both inward and outward, are benefitted by strengthening this chakra. "The Kingdom of Heaven lies within" and the third eye is a portal in.

Uniting the head with the heart via the throat, parallels uniting left and right hemispheres via the third eye. Always, health and peace are balancing acts "of the two" like thinking and feeling, masculine and feminine, hot and cold, light and dark. Balance of the two principles here lets the third eye blossom.

Third eye conditions: depression, obsession-compulsion, mental confusion, instability, mood swings, lack of confidence, seasonal affective disorder, headaches, vision problems, manic depression, excessive thinking, lack of trust in oneself and The Divine.