Getting Started - The Consultation Process

Step One: Choose either a Phone Consultation or an On-Site Consultation as described therein, and order your consultation on our secure server.

Step Two: Complete the Client Questionnaire. This questionnaire records where you're at and where you want to be. You'll record your goals for the consultation herein. It reveals dominant life patterns or themes you're currently experiencing and those of the space you live in. Your goals set the direction for the consultation, making our time together effective, clear and powerful.

Step Three: Rough sketch your home, office or businesses Floor Plan. Fax, email or snail mail it to me. Include all doors, windows, major appliances, rooms, their use and who uses them, walls and their potential angles, furniture placement, positioning of beds, desks, office machines, toilets, stove, general landscaping, large trees, bushes, flowers... Businesses and offices please include waiting rooms, corridors, elevators, office equipment, computer work locations, positioning of cash registers, owner or president's desk position and office location in the building. This need not be to scale or perfect! Those ordering phone consultations may optionally include pictures or video of the consulting space.

Step Four: Set appointment day and time. Receive Consultation!