Feng Shui Tips Archive

(2-13-09) Breathing is a way to release tension and promote better energy flow.

Begin breathing in and out through the nose to a rhythmic count of five. As you do so, let the eyes be relaxed and loose. Let the forehead lighten and let all tension go from the jaw, around the eyes and the jaw area.

Hear the sound the breath makes as a "Ma-Na" sound with "Ma" being the inhale and "Na" being the exhale. Do this for a few breaths.

Now hear the breath as "Ah-Men," with "Ah" as the inhale and "Men" as the exhale. Take a few more breaths and let the body and brain relax even more.

Now hear the breath's sound as "Yah-Way," with the inhale as "Yah" and the exhale as "Way." Take a minute or more to let this sound occur while breathing and see how relaxed you can become.

Now how do you feel? Use this meditation whenever you want.