Yellow Chakra

Third Chakra

Sanskrit name: Manipura Chakra

Musical note: E

Element: Fire

Color: Yellow

Endocrine: ?


The desire for power is present in this chakra. I can feel this as I sit typing at 2:03 a.m. This chakra, in the digestive area of the upper abdomen and corresponding with fire, is about action and the ability to carry things through to completion. It has a powerful attribute, in that, if it becomes over-energized, a certain aggressive, pushy, domineering, overbearing energy may result..Power tripper! This is the place for battles over power to occur, one's willpower against another's. Issues of control are exhibited here.

This chakra, like the sexual chakra is creative, yet its focus is on the action through will power to carry creativity and all activity to completion. Squeezing out those last few reps or going beyond limitations is aided by this center. Nerves, nervous stomach, lethargy, sluggish or poor digestion, stomach and liver problems, weak ego or egotistical, and muddled thinking are all problems for this chakra. Balance in this sun chakra will bring the great light and power of the living inner sun into one's life. Flowers will drink up the ambrosial light and grow.

Spring will dawn within. The soul will "ahhh!" Yellow, the chosen color of Gautama Buddha represents incredible clarity of mind and the now of enlightenment. When this chakra is working well so are our minds. Fire, just like a prayer, is a holy presence which burns away the nonessential. Likewise, our digestion must become this holy fire prayer, releasing our food's inner essence, strength, and spirit. Since one's spirit may be a predominance of one color, one may be drawn especially to this dominant color.

If you had a paintbrush and could paint yellow where you felt it was needed on your body, where would these areas be? Then try toning near or directly on these areas. Or, let's say you're lying on a dream beach with beautiful yellow sunlight pouring down and filling your body. What places do not allow the light easily? Returning from the beach, these areas may be intoned with the yellow chakra bowl. Toning with the yellow bowl while seeking to uncover wisdom allows yet another opportunity to remain receptive to the creative. If clarity or willpower are desired, remember this yellow sun chakra and its corresponding bowl.

This chakra also is attuned to the body's battery. One yogi in in Hawaii stressed the importance of keeping the abdominal muscles toned and strong. We would do lengthy abdominal work at the commencement of yoga class to activate the body's battery, as she referred to it. She would say, "If the battery's weak, you'll never start the car." Vital energy is indeed stored in the solar chakra as well as the sexual chakra. If energy is low, think on empowering more activity like exercise into life. Toning with the solar bowl will inspire energy to flow into and through this sun chakra.and the actions that are needed to turn survival into thriving.