Orange Chakra

Second Chakra

Sanskrit name: Swadhisthana chakra

Musical note: D

Element: Water

Color: Orange

Endocrine: Adrenals


Just the simple act of drinking water will strengthen this chakra. Think of all the water/fluids in the lower abdomen area between the belly button and the genitals. This chakra is also known as the sacral plexus chakra including the sacrum, genitals, pubic bone, hip, and all organs from the belly button on down toward the perineal floor. It's hard to really pin point where one chakra ends and another begins, especially with these first two.

The tendency to blend over into one another is how chakras communicate energetically and how unity is maintained throughout the system. So, the bright red energy gets transformed here into a beautiful orange. We're no longer thinking so much of survival. We're thinking creativity, exuding sensuality, or perhaps being engaged in the sexual act. Recall the fall colors with the great streaks of orange. Red and yellow, being orange's parents, live in chakras protectively below and above. Orange, like the fruit, reminds one of sweetness in taste and scent. Orange and the orange chakra clearly helps empower the full experience of sensuality, appreciating what comes through the senses.

This chakra also deals with healthy self-esteem, regular bowel elimination and any problems in the lower belly area. Under energy in this chakra may lead to low self-esteem or impotence. Too much energy here may create an oversexed, or the inability to perceive through a lens other than the sexual one. Creativity is especially emphasized in this orange chakra possibly because of it's connection to a most creative reproductive process. Spontaneity is also part of this chakras attributes.

Any issues regarding one's sexuality will correspond to this chakra. How one feels about one's body, the body image will tend to be stored here and affect healthy or unhealthy functioning of the chakra and the whole person. All joys or pains in relation to sex will be stored in this area of the body, thus affecting the chakra and personal health. Guilt is a major stumbling block for the orange chakra. Sexually transmitted diseases seem to stem from guilt and the inner desire to be punished via the disease. Sexually transmitted diseases are nourished by unhealthy emotional guilt. If one can stop the food supply, then the disease will starve to extinction. Cultivating the inherent naturalness, purity and beauty of sexuality must be strengthened for those working through sexual guilt, as must self-appreciation and self-love.

On the lighter side, the sexual chakra is really about sensual enjoyment of the world in which we live. The sexual chakra is really about sensual enjoyment of the world we live in and our bodies and all the incredible sensual dialogues going on all around us. I think of a good friend in Hawaii when I think of this chakra because she breaths and rejoices with the awesome abundance of the sensual world. There, the Myna birds and the waves, the mountains and the trade winds all have a voice which caresses the senses and rebirths the soul. The beautiful experience of smelling, tasting, touching, seeing and hearing are ever flooding our senses and it is through this beautiful chakra the we may truly appreciate our sensual universe and selves.

Appreciating the sensual in the universe, in ourselves, in our sexual relations and our creativity lends a depth of richness to our lives of great fulfillment. Belly laughter, let us never forget and sing daily it's praises, plays with this chakra. And play itself has deep roots into us from this chakra. Perhaps those reconnecting with their inner child may feel this. Oh, before I forget; This chakra has a unique link to one's eyesight. Imagine a ray of brilliant orange light spinning up through the body to bathe the eyes. Imagine this connection however you like and see how it feels. Carrots said to strengthen eyesight are orange. Sharing energy with other parts of the body creates magic, like inspired imagination, and lends a richness to our lives..

Personal tip: I really like toning my 18" D Bowl with friends, placed on the belly and energizing the vital organs. The vibrations feel like they're tickling your insides. Very good to instill energy and restore balance.