Blue Chakra

Fifth Chakra

Sanskrit name: Vishudda chakra

Musical note: G

Element: space/ether

Color: blue

Endocrine: Thyroid/pituitary


The throat chakra is especially crucial as it acts as the bridge or connection between heart and head. The critical balance between heart-feeling and head-thinking is obvious. The throat chakra has the ability to give voice to the urgings and feelings of the heart or the head, and as such, it must be wise in choosing how, when and what to express. Suppression of expression will jam up the throat and many other centers as well.

If we can give voice to exactly how we feel and couple it with the utmost tact and wisdom, our balance in this voice chakra is assured. This chakra has the ability to be a conduit or channel for meaningful messages which may speak to oneself or others. This can occur with or without the conscious participation of the speaker. In truth, when we are flowing in spirit we become the conduit, the hose, the vessel for the divine. If so, this movement of the inner mysterious power may use the voice as well. May all become channels for the highest wisdom and love begetting and sustaining all beings! In meditating on the throat chakra one can feel the cosmic, spacious qualities that reside there. Perhaps the simple act of centering there is like riding an elevator down from the active mind to a quietude exactly midway between head and heart. I get an image of scales that come to a natural balance.

Throat chakra conditions: all throat, voice problems, hypo/hyperthyroid conditions, whether expression or suppression exists for the true voice, any imbalance between head and heart. In considering color, blue is the color of peace. When heart and head are harmoniously united then this beautiful blue of the throat will be strong, as will peace.