Violet Chakra

Seventh Chakra

Sanskrit name: Sahashara

Musical note: B

Color: Violet


As a majestic crown rests atop the ruler's head, so does the crown chakra. It is the ruling chakra of all the others. Known as sahashara or thousand-petaled lotus, all yoga seeks to unite the kundalini coiled at the base of the spine with the divine energy of the crown. The crown chakra oversees all activities and is said to be the dwelling place of Shiva and the transcendental energy. Here we have the ultimate in the marriage of male and female.

The kundalini, known also as Shakti, is the Divine Feminine Principle, while Shiva is the Divine Masculine Principle. If the goddess Shakti can rise up and travel through the center of the spine, piercing and activating all the chakras on her journey, uniting with her Beloved Shiva in the crown and finally piercing through the crown chakra, liberation is said to be complete. A soul who experiences this is emancipated, is free from suffering, knows itself and it's source fully, and dwells evermore in total bliss, peace, love and higher consciousness. This consciousness is of one's Eternal Nature.

Please note that altered consciousness will occur if the kundalini pierces through any of the other chakras. Effects will vary. The lower chakras may have an emphasis on the physical, tactile and body oriented effects. Yet, these too will have strong emotional and mental tones. The higher chakras like the heart, throat and on up, will tend to be more oriented to emotional and mental transformation of consciousness. All chakras when initially activated may have physical sensations such as tingling, uncomfortable pressure and extreme hot or cold.

Crown chakra is very inspirational since the crown receives and makes fit, energy desiring entry into the body from the universe. The crown has a very cosmic, mysterious, timeless quality. It steps down cosmic energy to a quality and quantity that we can accept healthily. It regulates incoming cosmic energy to a healthy quantity and quality that we can accept for our functioning. This chakra empowers higher thought and intuition, "off the top of one's head." It helps to guide one on one's true soul path like a good friend or spiritual teacher. The crown chakra helps to instill honor and respect in one's life. I recall a meditation taught by the Hindu temple on Kauai in which the person was guided to focus on a shaft or ray of luminous light illuminating the length of the spine and pouring out the crown infinitely in that direction and down the legs and out the soles of the feet infinitely in that direction. One is able to easily feel this energy with minimal practice. Hindu sages spoke highly of attuning to this image of the light ray pouring through us. One could practice it anywhere they counseled. These Hindu sages said that this meditation would reveal where a person is in the infinite universe.

Crown chakra conditions and benefits: Boredom, lack of inspiration, lack of purpose or meaning to life, strengthens eyesight, inspires creativity, attunes one to the timeless eternal experience of the soul, helps to reach higher states of consciousness, helps recharge when energies are low, instills focus, must be calmed in cases of hyperactivity and insomnia and the inability to wind down and rest. with the very basic issue of survival and the actions that are needed to turn survival into thriving.