Red Chakra

First Chakra

Sanskrit name: Muladhara chakra

Musical note: C

Element: Relates to the Earth (fire in the center of the Earth corresponds to the incredibly vital red color that this chakra emanates.)

Color: Red. Think of the circulatory system.

Endocrine glands: Adrenals.


The Red root chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is the foundation chakra on which the rest of the body/person/house shall be built. Any good builder will tell you that you must start building a house on a strong foundation. The body is a temporary house as well.

So many people would like to jump right to the heart chakra and just be loving. I never saw a building that started with the fourth story. But, if the first three chakras are strong then chances are that the heart and the much desired cosmic love will be strong too. The red root chakra relates to the ability to walk on the Earth in a grounded fashion.

Very instinctual feelings like fear and anger are related to this chakra. A person with a strong red root chakra will walk through life with less fear. They will be more confident. In Feng Shui, red helps to empower many areas of one's life. Red helps empower prosperity, wealth, and blessings on all levels. Red strengthens respect and honor and is an excellent color to strengthen love relationships and marriage. Anyone working to strengthen any of these areas in their life is wise to empower red and the red chakra. Red is the color of action and vitality. It promotes the strength to conquer lethargy and inactivity. Red is a regal color, thus we have the idea of strengthening favor, honor and respect. Red strengthens the circulatory system, purifying and promoting the flow of healthy blood, In this chakra we're working through and beyond fear.

We're walking in confidence and groundedness. We're challenged with the very basic issue of survival and the actions that are needed to turn survival into thriving.